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About Us

Our customer’s are our #1 priority.

Our family joined the National Automotive Parts Association family to meet Colorado’s growing need for an effective auto parts distribution system. Well known and well respected, our unrivaled strength is in getting you the right parts you need … right now.

Havana Auto Parts Core Values

  • Excellence : We are constantly striving to achieve excellence in all that we do. We learn from mistakes to use as lessons to teach us how to achieve excellence. Excellence is not an act, but a habit. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence brands everything that we are and do. We pride ourselves on being the best here at Havana Auto Parts.
  • Customer Service : This is our ultimate goal and has been since 1976. Our customer service is what puts us above all competition. Every customer, every time, no exceptions is how Havana Auto Parts operates. These basics encompass listening, understanding, and being a pleasure to work with.
  • Teamwork : We celebrate success and see failures as opportunities for growth. We recognize that we are responsible for our own success and are accountable for our actions. The fundamental work unit of the company is the self- directed Team. We are all on the same team and we recognize that everyone has a contribution to make. We are passionately committed, have the heart to endure, and strive to learn more each day, which is essential to our team’s success. Everyone reaps the rewards of being a part of the Havana Auto Parts team.
  • Success : Success is measured in several capacities here at Havana Auto Parts. There is personal success, team success which leads to financial success. We recognize that profits are essential to creating capital for growth, prosperity, opportunity, job satisfaction and job security. Havana Auto Parts is constantly moving forward in all areas including but not limited to customers, profits, knowledge and technology. We want to be the best, need to be the best, and will be the best.
  • Fairness : Havana Auto Parts provides fairness to our customers and employees. This provides the loyalty to Havana Auto Parts and its employees and their families. We have an open door policy for every team member.

Proud Member of the Forbes Human Resources Council

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